On the 15th October 2019, by virtue of Legal Notice 266 of 2019, the Gaming Fees Regulations have been amended so as to amend the wording in the Fourth Schedule of the principal regulations from “Request for the addition of a new game type” and substituted by the words “Request for the addition of a new game vertical”. This change effectively means that a B2C or B2B licensee which wish to add a new game vertical within an approved game type will be required to pay €1,000 for the addition of each game vertical.

Moreover, the Legal Notice also amends parts of Regulation 9 of the principal regulations which address the criteria of who could be considered to be a start-up undertaking in terms of Gaming Legislation. The amendment will see that one of the criteria shall be amended that the undertaking or the group it forms part of did not generate more than €10,000,000 in terms of revenue over the previous 36 months.

The amendments will come into force on the 1st January 2020.