Kier North West was fined £160k after an incident in February 2007 when their employee, Karl Davis, fell out of an open window frame. During works at the site, the edge protection was removed to allow plasterers to access the area, and the edge protection which was installed in its place was inadequate. It was also weakened by the fact that Kier’s employees had attached a rubbish chute to the edge protection. This additional loading may well have been a factor in the failure of the edge protection, although the HSE was unable to prove who had put the inadequate edge protection in place or whether the edge protection would have failed if the rubbish chute had not been attached to it. However, prior to installing the rubbish chute, Kier failed to ensure that the area was suitable for the chute and could withstand the weight of both the chute and the rubbish that would run down it. Kier pleaded guilty to breaching section 2(1) of the HSWA. In addition to the fine, they were ordered to pay £43,993 costs.