In trademark infringement and trademark opposition as well as trademark invalidation disputes, if the right holder of a trademark requests of recognition of well-known status of his trademark, it is suggestible that the right holder submits evidence focusing on how high the level is that the trademark has been well recognized by the related public. Herein below are some tips on the evidence collection and submission:

  1. Financial figures of the right holder in Mainland China.
  2. Contracts related to product/brand advertisements and product promotion and invoices of payment for the contracts.
  3. Sales documents such as sales contracts and corresponding sales invoices, order bills, shipment documents etc.
  4. Advertising materials: advertisements in newspapers, magazines, pictures of outdoor advertisement board, TV advertisements etc and the invoices of the payments for the advertisements.
  5. Media reports.
  6. Awards, prizes, and certificates etc relating to the brand and products.
  7. Evidence and material proving attendance of fairs and expositions in China.
  8. Evidence of contribution to the social welfare courses, charity activities or showing your high social responsibility towards Mainland China.
  9. Records of fighting against counterfeiting activities and trademark infringements and the history of ever being granted well-known status of your trademark in Mainland China.
  10. The pictures or media reports showing important Chinese top officials / celebrities inspecting your company or meeting with your team members or admiring your products or the cooperation between your company and China government.
  11. Any other evidence that you think helpful in proving the fact that the related public has been well recognized your trademark.