The FOS has published issue 126 of Ombudsman News. This edition includes:

  • Case studies on complaints about mortgages as FOS continues to receive a high number of complaints in this area, a proportion of which involve administrative or communicative errors. FOS has found that, since April 2014 when tighter requirements have applied to mortgage lending, it has received complaints that lenders have applied the new rules too rigidly. In particular, many of the complaints FOS has seen about “porting” – transferring a mortgage to another property – stem from the way lenders are applying the new rules.
  • An “ombudsman focus” article on complaints data for the first quarter of the 2015/2016 financial year which shows that payment protection insurance policies continue to make up a high proportion of the total number of FOS complaints. Over the quarter, the overall proportion of complaints FOS upheld in favour of consumers was 51% - ranging between 75% (for PPI) and 2% (for complaints about SERPs).
  • A Q&A which covers how quickly FOS can assist consumers with complaints involving credit brokers, and the information the consumers may need to provide to FOS.

The newsletter can be read here