We previously reported on the Competition Policy Review Panel’s Draft Report on the effectiveness of Australia’s current competition laws and policy (see our earlier post here). As well as competition issues, the review also examined the impact of the intellectual property regime on innovation, trade and competition policy.

Yesterday, the Panel released its Final Report (which can be accessed here).

The Final Report:

  • retains the emphasis in the Draft Report on the need to address the impact of disruptive technologies (such as 3D printing and the widespread dissemination of material online); and
  • recognises the inherent conflict in IP policy between facilitating the exploitation of new technologies to their full extent (which may enhance productivity), and encouraging ideas and innovation.

The Panel’s final recommendations for IP laws and policy generally mirror the recommendations made in the Draft Report. We have summarised a sample of the submissions and further detail provided in the final recommendations below:

Click here to view the table.

Where to next?

The Federal Government has stated that it supports the broad direction of the Final Report. The Minister for Small Business has called for consultation on the Final Report and invites submissions by Tuesday 26 May 2015