Stange Law Firm, PC is proud to announce that Founding Partner, Kirk Stange, and Managing Partner, Jillian Wood, co-authored Cumulative Supplements to two chapters of the Missouri Bar Deskbook on Family Law ( These Cumulative Supplements were released in 2019.

The two Cumulative Supplements that Kirk Stange and Jillian Wood co-authored in 2019 are as follows:

1.) Chapter 13 on Adult Orders of Protection and Child Protection Orders.

2.) Chapter 29 on Rights of the Unwed.

This deskbook gives information to lawyers around the state on the latest developments in family law and other legal topics. Individuals can purchase this deskbook online through the Missouri Bar. The other option is to purchase the eDeskbook on Fastcase.

Writing these chapters took significant time in terms of conducting thorough legal research and in writing the actual supplements. It is Mr. Stange and Ms. Wood's hope that this information will be useful for other family law attorneys in Missouri. It is further their desire that this deskbook can help aid in the quality of legal services that individuals in the State of Missouri are able to receive through better educated attorneys in the state.

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Kirk Stange of Stange Law Firm, PC ( speaks regularly for the Missouri Bar. In 2017, the Missouri Bar publicly recognized and thanked Kirk Stange for his service to the Missouri Bar. Kirk Stange also served previously as a mentor though the Missouri Bar Mentoring Program. In that role, the Missouri Bar assigned Kirk Stange lawyers to mentor.

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