The Central Bank published (5 March 2013) an updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document in relation to the Fitness and Probity Regime with the addition of Questions 3.17 (dealing with the requirement that individuals who were in-situ at the time of the introduction of the regime must go through the pre-approval process and submit an IQ when they are subject to re-election/reappointment provisions because the re-election/re-appointment of an individual constitutes a ‘break in service’) and 3.18 (dealing with the fact that this also applies to in-situ PCFs who are subject to employment contract renewals).

The Central Bank also issued its fifth issue of the IQ Bulletin which highlights:

  • Consultation on Fitness and Probity for Credit Unions
  • Publication of Fitness and Probity Performance Report
  • Reasons an IQ application would be rejected and returned as incomplete
  • Access to ONR – Self Service Password Reset
  • Meeting the Minimum Competency Code 2011 - what is required?
  • Upcoming dates for new ONR functionality in respect of Fitness and Probity