Law no. 91/2014 for granting a free working day per year for child nursing (published in the Official Gazette no. 496 dated 3 July 2014)

As of July 2014, employees with children are entitled to (unpaid) time off work each year so that their child or children can undergo a health-check. Families or individuals with one or two children are entitled to one day off per year for this purpose. Families or individuals with three or more children are entitled to two working days off per year. It is for the employer to decide whether the two days should be taken consecutively or together.

To benefit from the day off, the employee must file a formal request at least 15 days before the scheduled health-check, along with evidence of the appointment issued by the family doctor and a formal waiver by the other parent of his or her right to the day off.

The employer is not obliged to pay the employee during any period of time off for this purpose.