Loudoun County has approved actions to avoid the new proffer restrictions that become effective on July 1, 2016.  On June 23, the Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution to create three new “small area comprehensive plans” comprising what is now the Suburban Policy Area, where most rezonings are expected.  Each small area plan will encompass one of the planned Metrorail stations in the County.  Under the new proffer bill, the restrictions that prohibit many of the proffers Loudoun has requested in the past do not apply to rezonings subject to such small area plans.

The Board has set a schedule for adoption of the new small area plans in October.  This schedule doesn’t allow for much community engagement, so the contents of the plan are likely to look very much like the existing Revised General Plan.  Don’t expect much activity on rezonings filed after July 1 until these new Small Area Plans are adopted.  The Board resolution prohibits county officials from discussing proffers related to new applications until the small area plans are done.

Proposed New Small Area Plans

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