A consumer has filed a putative class action alleging that Capri Sun®, a product of Kraft Foods Group, is misleadingly represented as “natural” because it contains citric acid and “natural flavor.” Osborne v. Kraft Foods Grp., Inc., No. 15-2653 (N.D. Cal., filed June 12, 2015). The complaint asserts that citric acid is created synthetically through the fermentation of glucose, while “natural flavor” is made of “unnatural, synthetic, artificial and/or genetically modified ingredients,” so neither ingredient should be part of a “natural”-labeled product. Kraft charged a premium for Capri Sun® based on that label, the plaintiff argues, and deceived consumers into relying upon that label misrepresentation when purchasing. She seeks class certification, an injunction, damages and attorney’s fees for alleged negligent misrepresentation and violations of California’s consumer-protection statutes.