The Canadian government’s 2009 budget, released on January 27, contains several measures designed to promote a sustainable environment and help to green Canada’s economy. These measures include a $1 billion Clean Energy Fund to support, over the next five years, the research, development and demonstration of clean energy technologies, most notably carbon capture and storage projects; a $10 million investment in 2009–10 to sustain the government’s collection of environmental data on water quality, air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, among other things; consultation with stakeholders regarding a potential accelerated capital cost allowance for assets used in carbon capture and storage projects; and a $351 million investment in 2009–10 in the operations of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), a Crown corporation, including for AECL’s maintenance of safe and reliable operations at the Chalk River Laboratories.  

In addition, the 2009 budget indicates that the federal government will streamline federal approval processes, including by implementing administrative changes to the application of the Fisheries Act and by pursuing regulatory efficiencies for projects subject to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.  

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