In February 2006, the Syndicat des Librairies Francophones de Belgique (SLFB), the professional organisation of French speaking booksellers in Belgium, lodged a complaint with the College of Competition Prosecutors against Interforum and Dilibel, the distributors in Belgium for two French book publishers. The SLFB alleged that the two distributors had agreed on the fixing of their respective distribution costs (which are charged on top of the French public book price), with the aim of increasing the prices of the books they distribute. In addition, SLFB alleged that Interforum and Dilibel abused their dominant position by charging excessive prices.

The College of Prosecutors rejected both of the SLFB’s arguments (Belgian Competition Report 2009/4). The SLFB appealed the Competition Prosecutors’ decision, but on 22 September 2010, the Council confirmed the Prosecutors’ view that there was no evidence of any anticompetitive behaviour. It is the first time that the Competition Council has taken a decision on appeal of a decision of the College of Competition Prosecutors to dismiss a case.