Fall has arrived! The leaves are changing colours, families are stockpiling Halloween candy (some of which will actually last long enough to be distributed on the 31st), and warm knitwear is being dragged back out of the closet. But what is happening at your workplace? Are all of your employees “playing nice” with each other or do you have some ghouls in the group?

Workplace harassment and bullying have been receiving (rightfully so, we think) more and more of the spotlight in terms of the negative impact on both employees and employers. Sometimes one difficult employee is like a razorblade in an apple – creating fear and intimidation for everyone in proximity. This establishes and perpetuates tricky work situations for the affected employees and wreaks havoc with the productivity of the business.   

This edition of the AEC focuses on bullying and harassment at the workplace – what is (and what is not) bullying and harassment? What kind of policies should you have and how can you make them even stronger? How do you deal with false allegations?