On 3 April 2013, the Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance and the Minister of Foreign Trade have presented an action plan against counterfeiting, divided in three levels.

On a national level, the plan is based on the increase of customs action on the Internet, through the legal provisions adopted in the Amending Finance Law for 2012 and pertaining to the so-called "coup d'achat" procedure, which authorises customs to acquire, against payment, counterfeit goods, with the sole purpose of reporting the customs infringement, of identifying the infringers and of performing customs seizures. Furthermore, the government aims at adopting specific measures to particular sectors, such as e-commerce, health or culture.

On a European level the government recalls and supports the recent decisions of the European Commission on the reform of European trade mark law, mentioned in the French Legal and Regulatory Update - March 2013.

Finally, on an international level, the government announced that the protection of intellectual property and geographical indications will be a top priority, in particular when negotiating new trade agreements or by strengthening a bilateral cooperation.