The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) today published proposed amendments to its Dealer Member Rules that would address the fairness of pricing and transparency of OTC market transactions. Initial proposals on the subject were previously published for comment in April 2009 and IIROC has revised its proposals in light of comments received.

Specifically, IIROC's proposals would: (i) require dealers to fairly and reasonably price securities traded in OTC markets, with an exception for primary market transactions and OTC derivatives set out in the rule; (ii) require dealers to disclose yield to maturity on trade confirmations for fixed-income securities and notations for callable and variable rate securities; and (iii) require dealers to include on trade confirmations sent to retail clients in respect of OTC transactions a statement indicating that they have earned remuneration on those transactions unless the amount of any mark-up or mark-down, commissions and other service charges is disclosed on the confirmation. A draft guidance note, describing the scope of the proposed rule, fair pricing considerations and documentation requirements, has also been published by IIROC.

The proposals are open for a 30-day comment period.