The Forum of Private Business (“FPB”) has recently conducted research into employment law, concluding that small businesses require greater protection from the Government against employees who try to manipulate employment law and make vexatious claims against their employers.

The organisation used research from its own employment panels, together with statistics from Employment Tribunals and the Civil Mediation Council to estimate that there are around 1.9 million workplace disputes in the UK annually.

From the FPB’s research into its own members, the following statistics arose:

  • 92% felt that judges should be given greater powers to strike out weak cases
  • 86% agreed that the deposit and costs limit for vexatious claims should be doubled
  • 60% wanted to increase the amount of time someone was employed before they could make a claim from the current one year to two

Phil Orford, chief executive of the FPB, explained:

“We are currently in a situation where employment legislation designed to benefit employees can be a real barrier to creating employment, and favours individual workers at the expense of the rest of the workforce, often even when those claims are vexatious…This has to change. We need a fairer system focusing on mediation and conciliation rather than paving the way for disputes to reach the tribunal stage, allowing firms to flourish, create employment and drive economic growth.”