Last week, the Ohio Finance Agency's (OHFA) Office of Affordable Housing Research and Strategic Planning released four reports it commissioned to "examine housing markets in the regions of Ohio impacted by shale oil development," including an examination of Marcellus shale development in Pennsylvania and elsewhere to help assess how Ohio could be impacted in the future, an agency press release announced. The research – a collaborative effort between the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) and OHFA – found that temporary workers have caused rental market prices to climb and have limited the availability of affordable housing in the region for residents. "Uncertainty regarding the trajectory of shale development" is preventing these housing issues from being addressed, but the agency suggests its findings indicate that "modest increases in the development of hotels, and low-income housing may be warranted." Although this uncertainty has made some developers reluctant to invest, others have found smart ways to make a profit under these circumstances by developing housing that can be easily converted for different uses, such as senior living facilities, once the oil and gas workers have moved on. For more, read the full press release and access the following reports: