BON-TAG is the world's first bonsai tree security device providing theft deterrent identification system through the use of Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID).

Each tag is programmed with an unique alpha numeric code (there are over 550 billion codes available that guarantees that no duplication exists) which confirms the ownership of the tagged property.

The tag must be placed on either the tree or the pot to be effective. The small size of the tag allows it to be covertly installed within the bonsai tree to be identified. For identification of valuable bonsai pots a resin encapsulated pill sized tag is available which can bonded to the pots interior or sealed within a cavity with an adhesive. The kit also comes with warning signs and stickers.

In the event that legal ownership of a tagged Bonsai is in dispute or stolen and recovered, ownership can be verified by the police by revealing the unique ID number.