An essential element of conducting commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and originating business loans is filing Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) financing statements. But subtle errors in the filing process can spell disaster for even seasoned filers, and result in unperfected security interests.

Secured parties sometimes get confused about the different options for perfecting a UCC Article 9 security interest. Any confusion in the process can have significant repercussions, because the secured party’s choice of perfection method has an impact both on priority of the security interest and the lapse date of the filed record.

Although Article 9 was intended to make this process uniform, the filing requirements can vary in each state. Failure to fully understand each state’s nuances can jeopardize the perfection of your security interest.

To help, CSC® introduces “Navigating UCC Filing: The Essential Guide” as a manual to help simplify the complexities of filing. In this guide, learn tips about:

  • What filers should keep in mind when dealing with UCC records
  • How to maintain perfection
  • Priority of your client’s security interests