Germany's Data Protection Commissioner's have declared that the principle of purpose limitation must not be weakened by the proposed EU Data Protection draft Regulation. The proposed legislation is currently being negotiated in a trialogue between the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission, and aims to unify data protection rules for the 28 EU member states

In a press release issued on 26th August, the German Data Protection Authority ("DPA") stated that they oppose the proposals made by the EU Council with regard to purpose limitation, saying that it "would permit modifications of the purposes to such a wide extent that the principle of purpose limitation contained in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights would be relinquished."

As it stands, the Council has proposed that further processing by the same controller for incompatible purposes, on grounds of legitimate interests of that controller or a third party, shall be lawful.

The DPAs also called on negotiators to ensure that the planned legislation "lays down explicitly" the principles of data economy and data reduction in light of big data analytics, a process involving larger quantities of data than ever.