Independent Trade Competition Commission established in October 2017

The Commission will be responsible for administering and enforcing the Trade Competition Act, which is now in full force.


Antitrust regulations issued in end of 2018

Key competition rules, including on cartels, merger control and abuse of dominance, are now in effect.


Agency guidance documents issued

The competition authority has issued its guidance documents for certain business sectors and on unfair trade practices for wholesale and retail operators. 

These guidelines address certain practices such as:

  • pricing;
  • imposing unfair trade terms; and
  • requesting unfair/unreasonable economic benefits.

The guidelines on unfair trade practices in franchising have just passed a public hearing and are expected to be issued in due course.


Authority imposes first fines

The Commission has imposed fines in all of its first three antitrust cases.

The competition authority imposed a total of around 12 million baht (USD 394,800) in fines in the three competition cases passed to it by the former enforcement agency, which operated under the Department of Internal Trade and the Ministry of Commerce.

Two of these three cases were against significant consumer goods and retail players in respect of abuses of a dominant position and unfair trade practices.