The Board granted Opposer's motion for summary judgment, ruling that Applicant failed to demonstrate its bona fide intent to use the marks EDGEPULL and EDGEPEEL for "primarily non-metal seals comprised of various layers including a metallic foil layer for use in container closures and caps,” as of the date that it filed the opposed applications. The Board therefore declared the applications to be voidab initio and it sustained the oppositions. Tekni-Plex, Inc. v. Selig Sealing Products, Inc., Oppositions Nos. 91214508 and 91215874 (November 25, 2015) [not precedential].

Under Commodore Electronics, a party may may establish a prima facieof lack of bona fide intent by showing that the other party lacks any documentary evidence regarding its intent to use the mark in question. In response to opposer's discovery requests, Applicant Selig failed to produce any pertinent documentation on the issue. 

In response to the motion, Selig submitted pages from its website showing the history of the company and its products and services. However, nowhere did the marks at issue appear on the webpages, nor was there even an indication of when the webpages were created.

The Board found that opposer had thus established a prima facie case. Applicant Selig did not provide evidence that it even had a bona fideintent to use the subject marks.

Applicant has not come forward with evidence indicating for example, current business plans, ongoing discussions, or promotional activities to corroborate its claim of a bona fideintent to use either EDGEPULL or EDGEPEEL in commerce. In sum, Applicant has produced no evidence supporting or confirming thebona fide intent to use the mark in commerce which it asserted in its two involved applications.

Viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to the non-movant, "the record does not indicate" that Selig had a bona fide intention to use the subject marks on or in connection with the identified goods as of the application filing dates. The Board therefore granted the motion for summary judgment and deemed the applications void ab initio.