On December 1, 2015, the Bank of England published its Financial Stability Report in which the FPC explains the key risks affecting the UK financial system. The report states that UK banks are now more resilient than they were before the global financial crisis with the result that they are now more willing to make credit available. Risks relating to Greece and its financing needs have fallen significantly since publication of the BoE’s FSR in July 2015. However, risks originating from advanced economies have moved to emerging market economies and asset prices are deemed to be vulnerable to a crystallization of risks in emerging markets. The FPC states that it is not currently seeking further structural increases in capital requirements for the system as a whole and is also maintaining the UK countercyclical capital buffer rate at 0%. With regards to effective arrangements for bank resolution, the FPC deems that an effective resolution regime has been established in the UK, in part, through ring-fencing, and that new requirements for total loss-absorbing capacity for global systematically important banks will ensure that banks have liabilities that can absorb losses and are able to recapitalize banks in resolution. The report also states that cyber risk continues to be a threat to the UK financial system.

The report is available at: http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publications/Pages/fsr/2015/dec.aspx.