A third-party complaint disputing the nature and extent of an obligation to reinsure an insurance company with respect to losses arising from assumed reinsurance risks has been dismissed without prejudice, to allow an arbitrator to decide the scope of a settlement agreement. Through a settlement agreement, the insurance company resolved its dispute with the defendant named in the original complaint. The original complaint was dismissed with prejudice. Thereafter, the insurance company contended that its claims against the third-party defendant reinsurer should be voluntarily dismissed without prejudice to allow arbitration of those parties’ claims. The reinsurer argued the voluntary dismissal should be with prejudice, as the insurance company’s claims in the third-party complaint were derivative of the claims in the original complaint. The court declined to dismiss with prejudice, finding that the question of whether the claims were, in fact, derivative was a question better left for the arbitrator. Eagle Star Insurance Co. v. Highland Insurance Co., Case No. 02-2165 (USDC S.D. Cal. July 22, 2010).