The Leadership Video Series profiles Australian IR, HR and Safety leaders discussing key issues in the world of work. The aim is to connect our clients to the latest thinking on issues such as innovation, digital disruption, how work is changing, and the impact on IR and safety systems and management. 

Professor Anthony Forsyth kicks off the 2016 Leadership Video Series with Corrs’ own insights on current workplace reform debate and key issues for IR and HR professionals in the coming months.

LATEST VIDEO: Professor Anthony Forsyth on “key issues in workplace reform debate”.

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In this video Professor Anthony Forsyth offers insights on:

  • The Turnbull Government’s responses to the Trade Unions Royal Commission and Productivity Commission Reports and how business groups are pressing for the return of the Australian Building and Construction Commission. Plus the call for clarity around the new federal Building Code.
  • Employers involved in major infrastructure and construction projects now having the option of utilising the 6-month negotiation process for greenfields agreements – where we consider this a potentially valuable strategic tool in obtaining better outcomes in greenfields bargaining.
  • Ongoing changes arising from the modern award review process, recent court/tribunal decisions on sexual harassment and bullying, and proposed changes to paid parental leave; which are all likely to be significant issues in the period ahead.