Bill 13, the Pay Transparency Act, S.B.C. 2023, c.18 (“PTA”), received Royal Assent and, with the exception of Section 2, came into force on May 11, 2023.

As we previously discussed, under the PTA, all public ‎and private-sector employers in British Columbia will immediately be prohibited from ‎asking job candidates for pay history information. Such employers will also be ‎prohibited from “punishing” employees who disclose their pay to co-‎workers or job candidates.

Although it was previously anticipated that Part 3 of the PTA would not immediately be in force, as of May 11, 2023 “reporting employers” (currently provincial government agencies, BC Hydro, BC Housing, BC Lottery Corp., BC Transit, ICBC and WorkSafeBC) are also required to create pay transparency reports which are to be published on a publicly accessible website maintained by or on behalf of the “reporting employer”. The prescribed content of a pay transparency report will be clarified by future regulation. Pay transparency reports are to be published as soon as practicable after their creation, with a deadline of November 1 of the applicable year for the creation of the report (i.e. the publishing deadline is not the same as the report creation deadline).

Other private employers and other Crown corporations will gradually be included in the definition of “reporting employers” as follows:

  • for 2024, if the employer has 1000 or more employees as of Jan 1;
  • for 2025, 300 or more;
  • for 2026, 50 or more;
  • for a year after 2026, more than the lesser of 49 and any prescribed number.

The obligation for all public and private-sector employers in ‎British Columbia to post wage or salary ranges on ‎publicly advertised jobs under Section 2 of the PTA will not come into force until November 1, 2023.

The Ministry of Finance will publish an annual report regarding the gender pay ‎gap June 1 of each year. Regulations providing further particulars about ‎reporting requirements are anticipated, including in respect of the safe ‎collection of demographic data. ‎

The full text of the PTA can be accessed here.‎