The AMF issued a "Pro forma financial information" Recommendation n°2013-08 dated 17 May 2013. It specifies the guiding principles and the points of vigilance on the pro forma financial information which has to be communicated in case of threshold crossing of 25% (of the turnover, the financial income…) on a full-year basis. This Recommendation is made in the framework of different texts (Prospectus regulation, AMF general regulation, CRC 99-02 regulation related to consolidated financial statements in French accounting rules, etc…) which provide such information. It is aimed at giving to the investor or the shareholder an overview of the impact of the threshold crossing operation (acquisition, sale, spin-off, merger or partial transfer of assets) on the historical financial statements of the issuer if it had taken place before its occurrence date. This information is required when the operation has an upwards or downwards superior to 25% impact on the financial statements of the issuer.

The AMF recommendation specifies all the information that the issuer has to include in its annual financial report or its prospectus in case of acquisition, sale, spin-off, merger or partial transfer of assets.