Transport Canada Marine Safety is responsible for ensuring that Canadian vessels are inspected in accordance with Canadian regulations (notably, with regulations adopted under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001, as well as other statutes) and in conformity with various international maritime law conventions to which Canada is party. Such inspections and related services entail the payment of fees, which are set forth in detail in the Board of Steamship Inspection Scale of Fees. A companion document, the Guidance Document on the Application of the Board of Steamship Inspection Scale of Fees, provides direction and some examples of how and why certain fees are applied. Shipowners often book appointments for such inspections with one of the regional offices of Transport Canada Marine Safety and, in due course, are charged with the fees specified in the Scale after the inspections are performed.

In the past, the fees charged for these inspection services were not always applied consistently across Canada. So, as of May 30, 2012, Transport Canada Marine Safety has launched a new “national process” which will apply to the calculation of the vessel inspection and service fees set out in the Board of Steamship Inspection Scale of Fees, with a view to applying these fees more uniformly. The new process will also track service requests and measure service standards performance by the inspectors. Further information on the Scale of Fees may be obtained from any of the Regional Marine Safety Offices or using the toll-free number 1.855.859.3123.

Transport Canada Marine Safety has a Policy on Service Standards for Marine Safety’s Fees, which commit that organization to provide certain levels of service to its clients and set forth guidelines on timely receipt of requests and cancellations of services from those clients, in the interest of scheduling the delivery of services most efficiently. Clients dissatisfied with the service fees and/or the services of the inspectors can lodge complaints with Transport Canada Marine Services, following the procedures set forth in document Handling of Complaints Related to Marine Safety User Fees and Applicable Service Standards.