The FSA has published Handbook Notice 84, which introduces the FSA Handbook and other material made by the FSA Board under its legislative powers on 14, 15 and 22 January 2009.  

The FSA Board made five instruments during January 2009 which made changes to the FSA Handbook.  

On 14 January, it made an instrument which extends its disclosure obligation for short selling of stocks in UK financial sector companies until 30 June 2009.  

On 15 January, the FSA Board made an instrument which enables a building society which merges with the subsidiary of another mutual society to keep its separate depositor protection compensation limit. The rule operates on a temporary basis until September 2009.  

On 22 January, the FSA Board made three instruments. The first made corrections to and clarified various FSA Handbook provisions. The second ensures that PII indemnity limits are adjusted in line with the increase in the European Index of Consumer Prices from 15 January 2003 to 15 January 2008. The third ensures that an appropriate level of investor protection is maintained in electronic authorisations of transfer of title.  

View Handbook Notice 84, (PDF 405KB), 26 January 2009