[2007] LTLPI 5.11.08  

Claimant, widower of deceased (X), claimed damages under Fatal Accidents Act 1976. He alleged Defendant hospital had been negligent in providing a poor standard of nursing care. X had been admitted with suspected gastro-intestinal bleed and treated for multiple liver abscesses by percutaneous drainage and antibiotics. Accordingly, she was bed bound for a number of weeks and at high-risk of pressure sores as she was overweight and diabetic. She subsequently developed oedema in legs which coupled with immobility resulted in pressure sores on heels and sacral area. Her family expressed concerns but Defendant provided only limited nursing care. Upon discharge, GP was not advised and no arrangements made with district nursing. X’s condition deteriorated and she developed necrotic tissue that required debridement. Eventually she underwent below the knee amputation of right leg. Her condition deteriorated further and X died four months after first admission at Defendant hospital.

Claimant alleged Defendant had failed to assess likely risk of developing pressure sores and identifying preventative action. Upon development of the sores it was further alleged Trust was negligent in failing to inspect X’s skin on a daily basis or implement a regime of movement/repositioning. Liability admitted.  

Out of court settlement: £30,000 (estimated General Damages £10,000).