Intellectual Ventures I, LLC, et al. v. Motorola Mobility LLCC.A. No. 11-908- SLR, March 31, 2016.

Robinson, J. Defendant’s motions for a new trial on two patents are denied; its renewed motions for JMOL on two patents are denied; plaintiff’s renewed motion for JMOL is denied; plaintiff’s motion to strike improper lodging of demonstrative exhibits is granted.

A 9-day trial beginning January 24, 2014 resulted in a hung jury. A second 6-day trial took place on March 15, 2015. A 5-day trial followed on a different patent.  The court finds that there was substantial evidence to support the juries verdicts and denies all JMOL motions.  Defendant seeks a new trial on the basis that its objection that an expert’s report did not contain substantive discussion of a user manual for an accused product was overruled. The court denies the request, finding that a “see also” cite was not “buried as defendant claimed and furthermore defendant did not object to the admission of the user manual. Defendant also objected to a jury instruction but failed to object during the charge conference.