The so called "third list" of medicinal products, that is, the new subcategory of products not subject to medical prescription which, due to its safety profile and their indications may only be supplied in pharmacies, was approved by the Cabinet on the 19th of June 2013.

The Government submitted a list of 17 active substances that can be classified as Non-prescription Medicinal products (MNSRM) exclusively sold in pharmacies, and these active substances are, at this point, medicinal products subject to Prescription (MSRM).

This Government's decision is based on the evolution of the European Medicines Evaluation System which advises the introduction of this new category, being Portugal one of the few European countries that had not yet adopted this new category.

After 2005, when the legislature allowed the sale of MNSRM in other places elsewhere the retail pharmacies, now seems to be recognized that there are some medicinal products that, despite the fact that are not subject to prescription, do need guidance and counseling by a pharmacist for its supply.

It is now waited this legal frame work to be published in the Official Gazette.