"For an adequate implementation, the public Institutions must review and adapt their regulatory frameworks"

The Law No. 974, Law of the Nicaraguan Le-gal Digest on Banking and Finance Matters, approved on July 23, 2018, was published in the Official Gazette No. 164, on August 27, 2018.

This Legal Digest contains attachments of the laws in force, including laws, decrees and regulations, the current International Instruments approved and ratified by the State of Nicaragua, the repealed laws or historical laws, and the consolidated laws, all related to Nicaraguan banking and financial matters.

For an adequate implementation in the Nicaraguan legal system, Article 8 of the above mentioned Law establishes that public institutions in charge of the enforcement of the laws contained in the Legal Digest, must review and adapt their regulatory frameworks, without prejudice of their legal authority to issue, amend or repeal the laws that are within the scope of their powers.

The Legal Digest of Banking and Finance, aims to collect, organize, update and consolidate the current legal framework related to this matter, in order to facilitate the development of a secure, agile and efficient Banking and Financial system, which strengthens and promotes the economic development of the country; resulting in undoubted benefits both for national companies and foreign investment, and in general, for all those who want to start businesses in Nicaragua.

Finally, we share the web address of the aforementioned Law for your convenience: https://goo.gl/ ffMMwJ