On 7 April 2013, the Nigerian Internet Registration Association, NIRA, announced the launch of the .ng domain name extension, making it possible to register Second Level Domains (SLDs) in Nigeria.

Therefore, instead of trademark.com.ng it is now also possible to register trademark.ng. It is envisaged that the .ng domain will become more popular that the .com.ng extension.

If you are the registrant of a .com.ng domain name, it would be advisable for you to urgently register the matching .ng domain name. Furthermore, if you have registered, or applied to register, trade marks in Nigeria, or if you are considering doing business in Nigeria, it is recommended that .ng registrations be obtained for the trade marks that are, or will be, used in that country.

NIRA has classified a number of domain names as premium value domain names, which will only be available via auction. These are likely to include descriptive domain names such as insurance.ng, although the list of premium domain names has not yet been published. The auction procedure also still needs to be finalised.

If you are considering doing business in Nigeria, it is also vital that you register the trade marks that you will be using, in that country, as it is very common for third parties to register popular or valuable trade marks belonging to other parties, and it is both challenging and costly to enforce trade mark rights in Nigeria.