On 17 May 2011, the Committee of Public Accounts published a report examining the work routes of the points based system for immigration.

The main concerns highlighted by the report were the lack of control for intra-company transferees entering the UK as it is not covered by the immigration cap and also the lack of exit controls to ensure that migrant workers leave the UK when they are supposed to. The UKBA estimates that there could be as many as 181,000 migrants still in the UK whose permission to remain has expired since December 2008. 

The report highlighted particular concerns over IT workers who enter the UK as intra-company transferees at a time when there are high numbers of resident workers in this sector without employment.  The report further highlights that although the Home Office has taken steps to set minimum salary levels for migrants entering the UK as intra-company transferees, these salary amounts can include allowances of up to 40% which are more difficult to verify. 

The UKBA introduced a policy of 'evidential flexibility' which allows caseworkers to request additional documents during the course of the processing of the application. However the report has highlighted concerns that it is not being applied fairly and consistently.  For the full copy of the report please click here.