BIS has launched a new website, the Red Tape Challenge, to allow members of the public a say over which pieces of legislation should be retained, which ones are due for an overhaul, or which ones should be thrown out altogether. The Government hopes that this will help to identify which pieces of law create bureaucratic barriers for business, volunteers and the public in general.

Every few weeks a different set of regulations relating to a specific industry sector (currently the retail sector) will be "star guest" on the website, and visitors to the site will be able to submit their comments on the chosen regulations. The Prime Minister has stated that, once the commenting period has closed to the public, Ministers will have three months to explain why the legislation is still required or the offending statutory instrument will be scrapped.

The site also targets general regulations that apply to all sectors, one of which is employment law. Visitors are asked for their views on 151 sets of regulations affecting employment, listed under the categories:

  • Taking people on
  • Managing staff
  • Letting people go
  • Compliance and enforcement