For all remediation and reclamation work completed after January 1, 2008, in Alberta a designated professional must sign a Professional Declaration for Reclamation Certificate Application.

To support the professional's sign-off, a Joint Practice Standard has been developed by six professional regulatory organizations in consultation with the Alberta government. The sign-off must occur when the following are completed:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Compliance Option Checklist for Drilling Waste Disposal
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
  • Remediation and confirmatory sampling, and
  • Reclamation Detailed Site Assessments

The professional must be a member in good standing of one of the following six professional regulatory organizations:

  • Alberta Institute of Agrologists
  • Alberta Society of Professional Biologists
  • Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta
  • Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta
  • College of Alberta Professional Foresters
  • College of Alberta Professional Forest Technologists

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