After two days of debate HB 1050 - Omnibus Tax Changes passed the House. (Bills that raise revenue must be have 2nd and 3rd readings on separate days). 

House Members considered 10 amendments and approved 7 of them with bi-partisan support. Many were clarifying amendments regarding what constitutes a separate business location (an ATM does not), or states that the bill does not interfere with FDA jurisdiction over e-cigarettes or vapor.

An amendment to remove the e-cigarette section of the bill so that the taxing of e-cigarettes could be considered separately, failed. The amendment sponsor, Rep. Carney, a Democrat from Mecklenburg County said of levying the excise tax of e-cigarettes, "If you are going to vote for a new tax, make it count." That amendment failed nearly along party lines.

The House-passed bill did flatten the locally-levied franchise tax to $100. Many towns and cities will lose big revenue.