The Chair of the Markets Committee of the Bank for International Settlements has written to the Chair of the Global Foreign Exchange Committee providing a brief assessment of the effectiveness of the FX Global Code. The FX Global Code was first published by the GFXC in May 2017. It superseded and substantively updated existing guidance for participants in FX markets previously provided by the Non-Investment Products (NIPs) Code. The Code comprises a set of global principles of good practice for the FX market, covering a broad range of areas, including ethics, governance, execution, information-sharing, risk management, compliance, trade confirmation and settlement. The Global FX Committee committed to reviewing the code every three years.

In the letter, the BIS Markets Committee sets out its assessment of and recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the FX Global Code. In particular, the Committee recommends that additional action is taken by the Global FX Committee to ensure that more of the large buy-side firms sign up to the Code.

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