FCA has held its first board meeting and has published new rules, as follows:

  • The Financial Conduct Authority Handbook Designation (Correction) Instrument 2013 took effect on 26 April and makes corrections to errors in the original Handbook designation instruments, to ensure all relevant rules now appear in the FCA Handbook.
  • The Handbook Administration Instrument (No 29) 2013 took effect on 1 May and makes minor administrative changes, including to bring the new regulated activities within the definition of “regulated activity”.
  • The Training and Competence Sourcebook (Qualifications Amendments No 8) Instrument 2013 took effect on 26 April and adds three new approved qualifications.
  • The Conduct of Business Sourcebook (Platforms) (Amendment) Instrument 2013 took effect partly on 1 May and mainly on 6 April 2014, and makes the changes described above relating to platform rebates and other payments for use of platforms. The rules also correct the definition of “platform service”.
  • The Listing Rules (LR) Sourcebook (Amendment No 9) Instrument 2013 took effect on 1 May and make amendments to LR for depositaries issuing global depositary receipts and the appointment of a sponsor for the submission of supplementary circulars.

FCA has also made changes to some of the forms regulated collective investment schemes submit to it. (Source: FCA Handbook Notice No 1)