Fraudster arrested following 55 complaints

Dubai Police have successfully arrested a fraudster who has allegedly been involved in 55 fraud complaints, worth an estimated total of over $5 million. The suspect allegedly responded to advertisements for the sale of a car and would provide deferred cheques, which when cashed would prove as fraudulent. The individual was using various identities and forged documents to present his purchase as plausible. Authorities have revealed that they lured the suspect through a website for selling cars who was then arrested after he appeared to buy a car which was offered for sale. The suspect has confessed to all offences listed in the 55 complaints and has further admitted to selling on the vehicles that he appropriated.

Individuals conspire to defraud bank

A student and banker have been accused of conspiring with an absconding individual to steal approximately $735,000 from a bank using forged papers. According to records fake documents were presented to receive a personal loan which was placed into a bank account which was created in the name of the absconder. The suspects have appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance and have pleaded not guilty to the accusations. The trial is set to continue.

Ex-ministry employee misappropriates $820,000

A former employee of a government ministry has been sentenced to three years' imprisonment for defrauding an individual of approximately $820,000. The suspect duped an investor into investing in a false exhibition. The suspect and his accomplice provided the sought investor with false documents and contracts to illustrate a deal worth approximately $7.9million, with the Ministry to organise the exhibition. The suspects and his accomplices have been sentenced to three years' imprisonment and following that will be deported.