On July 22, 2015, Chief Judge Bullock issued Order No. 9 in Certain Protective Cases For Electronic Devices And Components Thereof, Inv. No. 337-TA-955, terminating the investigation with respect to Respondent Speculative Product Design, LLC (“Speck”) based on a Settlement Agreement And Release entered between Speck and Complainant Otter Products, LLC (“OtterBox”) and denying a request by OtterBox and Speck (“the Moving Parties”) for non-disclosure of the settlement terms to the non-settling Respondent Tech21 UK Limited (“Tech 21”). In the motion to terminate, the Moving Parties had requested that the full terms of the settlement not be disclosed to Tech 21, arguing that non-disclosure would promote settlement with Tech 21. Tech 21 opposed the Moving Parties’ request to prevent disclosure of the settlement terms, arguing that its counsel were subscribed to the Protective Order and were entitled to see the unredacted version of the settlement agreement. Chief Judge Bullock agreed with Tech 21, finding that the Protective Order is sufficient to ensure that the Moving Parties’ confidential business information remains protected and noting his rulings in previous investigations to the same effect.