In September 2010, the Czech Telecommunication Office published a 'Proposal for regulation of Next Generation Access optical fibre-based networks' (the "Proposal"). The Proposal has been prepared in accordance with the European Commission's 'Recommendation on regulated access to Next Generation Access networks'. The purpose of the Proposal is to provide an overview for the regulation of Next Generation Access networks ("NGAs"). The Proposal deals only with NGAs (defined as fixed access networks consisting fully or partially of fibre components that are capable of transferring broadband access services with better characteristics). The Proposal does not deal with any wireless technology-related questions.

Today, duties concerning access to networks may be imposed only on those entities with a significant market power on the relevant market and under certain conditions. The Proposal deals with the possibility of imposing such duty of access to cable ducts on subjects that operate in the electronic communications sector as well as on subjects operating outside this sector. It also proposes a duty to share access to interior wiring (also for owners of real property) and a duty to share access to data streams.