The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (“PaDEP”) announced that they are extending the public comment period on two sets of proposed oil and gas regulations. Comments will now be accepted until May 19, 2015, 15 days longer than originally planned.

The proposed regulations deal with oil and gas wells, one set regarding conventional wells and one regarding unconventional wells. These proposed regulations are a newer version of the same proposals that were first released in December 2013. This iteration includes several changes made after Governor Wolf took office. Amongst other issues, the proposed regulations address where and how wells are developed. In addition to the extended time period allowed for comments, PaDEP will also hold three hearings during the comment period, at least one of which will be in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The date and time of these hearings has not yet been announced.

The proposed regulations for unconventional wells can be found here:

The proposed regulations for conventional wells can be found here:

Instructions for providing comment to these rules can be found here: