Senator Elizabeth Warren, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, and AFL­CIO President Richard Trumka addressed the AFL­CIO’s National Summit on Raising Wages. The union plans a series of events across the nation, including in states with early presidential primary elections.

The Newspaper Guild­CWA is now known as NewsGuild­CWA. The name change is intended to reflect dramatic changes in the news paper business over the past 15 years. The guild represents 34,000 U.S. and Canadian employees in various news­industry positions.

The international fight between traditional taxi unions and car­ride applications like Uber continues. For three days in January, unions and alliances representing taxi drivers in the U.S. and Europe met in New York City to strategize ways to retain market share and protect taxi drivers’ jobs. The income of taxi drivers in cities where Uber operates often declines, with drivers’ incomes falling as much as 35 percent in some cities. Many in attendance stated that they see apps that provide access to regulated cabs as a viable way to compete.

Man Bites Dog

Teamsters Local 776 in Pennsylvania allegedly fired an employee for unionizing. Kimberly Leonard worked in Local 776’s front office, and, in 2014, she negotiated a collective bargaining agreement with the Federation of Agents and International Representatives to represent her and her co­workers. Ms. Leonard’s efforts were supported by Local 776’s then­president Fred Wilson, but she was subsequently fired by Ed Thompson, Mr. Wilson’s successor. Ms. Leonard has filed an NLRB charge.