We commented on the new rules for tier 1 (investors) and (entrepreneurs) in our recent news item which you can read by clicking here.

It is worth noting that these changes have not created three separate investor routes. There is still a single route for tier 1 (investors) with an entry level of £1 million with a path to settlement after five years, provided they have maintained their investment in the UK throughout that time.

What has changed is that if an investor brings the larger amounts (£5 million or £10 million) into the UK and invests at least three quarters of those sums in qualifying investments they will be able to benefit from the accelerated settlement periods of three and two years respectively. An existing tier 1 (investor) who has entered under the previous rule can take advantage of the accelerated settlement provisions by increasing the amount of funds brought into the UK and invested. They can also benefit from them if they have already (for commercial or investment reasons) brought in and invested the larger amounts.

Similarly, there still remains a single tier 1 (entrepreneur) route, with various relaxations for those with backing from reputable approved organisations and accelerated settlement periods for those creating ten or more jobs or turnover of £5 million within a three year period.

Instead of allowing tier 1 (entrepreneur) migrants to bring staff with them (as was expected) the concept of entrepreneurial teams has been introduced. This allows pairs of entrepreneurs to access this category using the same funds (ie £50,000 or £200,000) and business opportunity. They must be equal partners.