On 1 July 2013, The Transfer of Tribunal Functions Order 2013 (the 2013 Order) came into force and with it the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) (the Tribunal) was created to replace the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT).

The changes consolidate a number of bodies including the Residential Property Tribunal, Rent Assessment Committee, Rent Tribunal, the Agricultural Land Tribunal and Adjudicator to Her Majesty's Land Registry (HLMR), all of which are abolished (in England only) to form the Tribunal. The intention is to create a single forum to deal with a wide range of property disputes, including private sector residential rents, residential leasehold, agricultural and land drainage disputes and cases referred by HMLR, which will be a governed by a single set of rules.

The tribunal now has its own set of procedural rules which are far more comprehensive than those previously used by the LVT - the major change being that the Tribunal now has enforcement powers to ensure compliance with any directions it may give. Cases that are already with any of the previous bodies will automatically be transferred to the tribunal.

Schedule 2 of the 2013 Order has also brought in various changes to certain notices and forms which are pertinent to residential leasehold matters to take into account the creation of the Property Chamber.

These changes include amendments to the form of rent demand notice, the contents of the summary of rights and obligations in relation to service charges and for administration charges. Readers unaware of these changes should contact us so that we can advise more fully.