We have already advised on “back of pack” nutrition labelling (provisions deriving from the EU Regulation Number 1169/2011 Provision of Food Information to Consumers (FIC). Just to recap on what you must cover within the nutrition declaration on labelling:

  • Energy value (in both kilojoules (kj) and kilocalories (kcal).
  • The amounts (in grams (g) ) of fat, saturates, carbohydrate, sugars, protein and salt.
  • Declaration of salt rather than sodium The term “salt” must be used as it is more readily understood by consumers than sodium. The amount of salt in a product is calculated by determining the total sodium in a product (naturally occurring, and that deriving from salt and other additives) and multiplying it by 2.5.
  • Highlighting where there is no added salt in a product Where appropriate you can highlight that salt content in your product is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium. This can be covered by a statement, sitting close to the declaration, which reads “This product contains no added salt. Salt content is due to naturally occurring sodium.”
  • Voluntary declaration of ‘supplementary’ nutrients You can include on a voluntary basis supplement the mandatory nutrition declaration with information on the amounts (in grams) of one or more of the following: monosaturates, polyunsaturates, polyols,starch, fibre and any vitamins or minerals listed within the Regulations present in significant amounts.
  • Amount of food to which the nutrition declaration relates You must express the nutrition information (energy value and amounts of nutrients) per 100g, per 100ml or per portion of food. You may give per portion information as long as the information is given in addition to the mandatory per 100g or per 100ml information.
  • Presentation In the case of pre-packed food, mandatory nutrition information must appear directly on the package or on a label attached to it.
  • Order You must present the information in the following order: energy, fat, saturates, carbohydrate, sugars, protein and salt.
  • Table Format If space permits, you must present the nutrition declaration in tabular format with numbers aligned. Where space does not permit, the declaration must appear in linear format.
  • Size The mandatory nutrition declaration on the package must be printed using a minimum font size of 1.2mm.