On 7 September, EIOPA launched the Call for Expression of Interest regarding the setting up of certain EIOPA Stakeholder Groups (SGs) – namely, the Insurance and Reinsurance Stakeholder Group (IRSG) and the Occupational Pensions Stakeholder Group (OPSG). Each SG contains 30 members (at least 5 of whom must be top rated academics) who serve a 2.5 year period with the option to renew the mandate once. The current mandates expire in early 2016.

The purpose of the SGs is to assist EIOPA to consult with stakeholders throughout Europe, advise EIOPA on any issue which is relevant to that SG, and notify EIOPA regarding any inconsistent application of either EU law or supervisory practice throughout the EU.

The deadline for applications is 8 November 2015 and EIOPA anticipates that it will complete the selection process by February 2016.

A link to the press release is here.