The Producer Licensing (EX) Task Force met on Sunday afternoon at the 2013 Summer Meeting of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in Indianapolis, IN. Significant actions taken by the Task Force included:

  • Adoption of the revised Uniform Licensing Applications that limit the use of social security numbers, allow for designation of home state license information, require more owner information for business entities, and provide for easier criminal background information disclosure.
  • Adoption of the Producer Licensing (EX) Working Group report, as discussed in our earlier blog post. []
  • Approval for the development of a white paper regarding the Role of Navigators and Producers under the Federal Affordable Care Act. The white paper will be a joint effort with the Antifraud (D) Task Force and the Health
    Insurance and Managed Care (B) Committee. Kentucky, New Jersey and Virginia volunteered to take lead roles in its development. One area of concern discussed by the panel for inclusion in the white paper was whether the insurance departments would have authority over navigators or persons committing fraudulent acts while posing as navigators.

Materials from the meeting can be found here.